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咖啡沙龙第一百七十期——Vertebrate faunas in a Palaeolithic context at the locality Sch?ningen (Germany)
2017-04-24 | 编辑: | 【

嘉宾(Guest):    Prof. Thijs van Kolfschoten (Netherland) 

时间(Time):     2017.4.28(周五) 下午2:30—4:00  

                2017.4.28 Friday 2:30—4:00 PM  

地点(Location 南楼321室(Room No. 321, South building 


  嘉宾简介:Thijs van Kolfschoten 教授是荷兰莱顿大学考古学院教授,古动物与动物考古实验室主任及生物考古学科带头人;研究方向是第四纪哺乳动物学、生物地层学、古生态学、动物考古学及埋藏学;已发表学术论著200余篇(部)。现任“国际第四纪研究联合会(INQUA)”副主席、《国际第四纪》杂志欧洲地区前任主编。 

  Introduction of Prof. Thijs van Kolfschoten: Dr. Thijs van Kolfschoten is a Professor and the director of the laboratory for palaeozoological and archaeozoological studies and the head of the Bioarchaeology Research Group at the Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden University, Netherland. His main fields of interest are Quaternary mammals, biostratigraphy, palaeoecology and taphonomy. His palaeontological research focuses on continental deposits with an age that ranges from the Early Pleistocene until the early Holocene. A major research project is the study of the mammalian vertebrate fossils from a sequence exposed at Schöningen (Germany). He published more than 200 scientific papers. Currently he is also the Vice President of the INQUA Executive Committee. He used to be the regional Editor (Europe) of “Quaternary International” from 2003 to 2015.  



                                             Key Laboratory of Vertebrate Evolution and Human Origins

                                               of Chinese Academy of Sciences & Student union 


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